Ops & Tactics

Ops & Tactics (or Oats for short) is a roleplaying game with rules focused around firearms combat in modern, or almost-modern, settings (if you're using the fantasy or sci-fi themed splatbooks). The game was written by Sweet Soul Bro !!H5XdMKmBv5G and can be obtained for free from it's Offical Site.


On this page you can find various pieces of homebrew content that I have created for use in past, present, or future campaigns of Oats.

CSNL MapA map depicting the general layout of the Colony Ship New Limerick, the setting for a defunct campaign I ran until it was killed by schedule conflicts.
CSNL Random LootSeveral large and convoluted random loot table I created for CSNL.
CSNL Unique ItemsA collection of special items I created to be used as unique rewards in CSNL.
CSNL CreaturesA wide assortment of deadly aliens and their necromorph-inspired minions.
CSNL NPCsA selection of interesting, helpful, and hostile NPCs I created for CSNL.
HemogoblinsA parasitic creature that reproduces by infecting a living character's blood.
Energy Edge WeaponsA collection of plasma based melee weapons with unique rules, intended to contrast the Microwire Weapons in Oats: Advanced Arms.
Advanced Weapon FeatsA number of feats for characters who want to specialize in plasarms, microwire, or energy edge weapons.
MotocompoThe Honda Motocompo, a kind of tiny motorcycle that can be folded up and stored in the trunk of a car.
Solo 300Weapon Statistis for the Solo 300 pistol in .300 aac blk.
Whitney WolverineWeapon Statistics for the Whitney Wolvering, and also the version produced by Olympic Arms
Smokin'A feat that gives a character a small numerical benefit for consuming tobacco products.
Deep FreezeA cumbersome backpack style device that will continually cool plasma based weaponry.
Bad MagazinesRules for low-quality and discount magazines. I made these rules as a joke, and you probably shouldn't use them.

Note: Ops & Tactics has received frequent updates from it's author. It is likely that some of the content has incorrect numerical values for some game statistics. Battle Value is particularly likely to be incorrect, as the rules for calculating it were changed after most of the creatures and NPCs listed here were written.